How to Calculate 2 BHK Flat Interior Designing CostHome is not a place, it’s a feeling. The place where we can feel ourselves. An area where our day starts and ends. Everyone wants to build their dream home and live in it peacefully. People build homes not only with walls, doors, or tiles but also with love, passion, and emotions. To build a dream house, a professional touch is mandatory.

When it comes to experts, the only name that comes at the helm is Design De Maison. The interior designing company that turns your dream home into a reality. In this blog, we will understand the various factors required to calculate the cost of interior designing a 2BHK flat. We will consider all the necessary factors that play a major role in building a dream home.

Design De Maison

A tricity-based interior designing company that turns ideas into reality. They have working professionals with experience in designing homes for more than 16 years. A team packed with professional interior designers, experienced architects, and managers provides the best design for your dream project.

They are known for providing quality at the best affordable prices. We will look at the factors one considers in building a 2BHK house.

Calculating Interior Designing Cost

To better understand your space 

  • The first and foremost step is to understand the area in which you want to design. We need to have a blueprint ready about the areas that will go under transformation. Our experienced team of professionals will take care of everything.
  • Make a list of all the areas that you want to change and design. For example bedroom, balcony, kitchen, lobby. Etc
  • Also noting down the measurements about the space you want to transform is necessary. 
  • The experienced team of architects will design a proper blueprint for the space you want to transform

To Have an Estimate of the cost of the material 

  • The next step is to estimate the cost of the material you want to use.
  • Start looking for the type of material and quality you want to use on floors, walls, or anywhere.
  • Our team will provide you with the best possible quotes and you can decide from them.
  • The experienced working professional will provide you with the best estimate of the cost of the raw materials.

3D Rendering 

  1. 3D rendering is the most important step of all. It is like a 3-dimensional prototype or Blueprint of the house you want to renovate.
  2. In 3D design, you can have a proper view of how much lighting you want in the room.
  3. This will provide you with a clear picture of what you can expect the final house to be.

Have an Idea about the local Cost 

  1. Considering the local cost per square foot is also an important factor.

Seeking professional advice 

  1. Taking professional advice is very important
  2. A team of highly experienced professionals with the best advice can help you out in making tough financial decisions


  1. Ask for local contractors and try to find out the best possible price 
  2. Certain professionals in our team can provide guidance on the type of labor required.
  3. Skilled labor is essential to every step in designing the house.
  4. Proper utilization of every material and avoidance of raw material wastage should be ensured.

Emergency cost 

  1. Always have 15% more budget aligned above the estimated total cost of the project.
Why choose Design De Maison
  • A highly experienced team of architects, interior designers, and quality assurance managers who assist at every step.
  • Design according to the needs of the customer.
  • The best design at the most affordable prices with the best quality and attractive designs.
  • The easy and attractive road design helps the customer have a better understanding of what is being served.
  • Educates the client about how to maintain the house post-construction.
  • Displaying the arts and crafts in every room according to the color and client preferences.
  • Not only does it provide design, but it also assists in setting up the interior and the selection procedures with professional advice.
  • Help in the 3D rendering process.
  • Also provides a 3D walkthrough.
  • Provides professional and experienced construction services for building, planning design, etc.
  • Experience of more than 16+ years.
  • Provides the interior details related to designing a room deeply so that every corner and space is properly utilized.
  • Have a full 3d plan and layout so that everything is clear and crisp. The customer can have a full picture in their mind.
  • We promise the timely completion of work and work tirelessly to achieve our goals.
  • In designing the landscape, it assists in establishing a proper connection between the interior and exterior landscape.
  • Experience designing different projects with different challenges and client requirements.
  • Designs include smart homes, modern kitchen designs, Exterior commercial designs, it projects, and sleek and attractive house interior designs.
  • Has been awarded in Architecture Reconnect Summit.
  • Also providing the final designs to submit to the regularity bodies and also get the design approved.
  • Helps to manage and monitor the daily cost and adjust your budget according to that

When it comes to building the house of your dreams the most important thing is how efficiently the space is being used. Design De Maison is a company with a very strong foothold in the Tricity area. The number one choice for every customer is Design de Maison. They provide quality results and are the top interior designing firm that promises you durability, credibility, authenticity, and trust. Choosing them would be the best decision to have your hard-earned money well spent.