How To Calculate 3 BHK Flat Interior Designing Cost  – it is often said that we build homes only once in a lifetime. This statement is true for the majority of us. This is why everyone wants to have the best house that looks great, that makes you feel great, a place where you can host your near and dear ones and a house where one finds peace and solitude. 

We all have earned money by working hard day and night so we want our money to be well spent and do not want it to go in vain. The design and aesthetics of the interior of the house are as important as the exterior of the house from the outside. The design is the main part and only a professional can give our house a touch that we can only dream of. Interior designers turn dreams into reality.

Design De Maison

When it comes to interior designing there is no better company than Design De Maison. They are a company with experience of decades in interior design and has an experienced team of professionals. They have an experienced team of architects, quality assurance managers, and other professionals. they have the latest technology which is a must to have when designing the interiors of the house. we will have a look at the cost of designing the 3 BHK interior cost and look at the factors that can influence the cost of designing.

Calculating 3 BHK Flat Interior Design Cost

How much space needs to be covered?

  • If you want to renovate your house you first need to keep in mind as to what part of the house you want to transform.
  • Either it is the whole 3BHK, just the rooms, or only the kitchen.
  • With the professional touch, your house will be exactly what you wanted it to be 
  • You can take measurements of your total space. for example, it is 1000sq feet. And you will be charged according to the space you want to renovate. 
  • Taking care of these things is a tough nut to crack. To do this we can consult Design de Maison, the best interior design company packed with an experienced team of professionals.

Cost Estimation  

  • Cost is again a crucial factor. 
  • This includes the cost of interior designing, which includes, making designs, 3d rendering, and many other things.
  • The consultation fee is the one charged by the designer.
  • Next is the location of the house and the price of the property. 
  • The price is more than the interior design cost is more.
  • Next is the cost of the raw materials which will be used in making.
  • It differs from place to place.
  • Managing all these tasks can be challenging, but Design de Maison boasts experienced professionals with extensive contacts throughout the city.
  • This network of people can help you get the best possible rates and also the discounts on the raw materials

Labour Cost 

  • The task of the designer is to design a blueprint.
  • After that, it’s the labour which constructs and gives life to an idea.
  • Labour cost is also a crucial factor in deciding the cost.
  • The working staff should be highly experienced in building the interiors of the house. 
  • Design de Maison has a team that has a network of skilled labourers and helps in getting a contract at reasonable prices.

Advice from professionals

  • Asking professionals to design the house of dreams is very important. 
  • It is the designer who converts your dream house into reality.
  • Design de Maison has well-qualified and experienced working professionals 

Cost is the adjacent areas

  • The Design de Maison Research team proposes an idea and informs you about the current local cost of labor and skilled professionals in the area.
  • Choose the best and the most reasonable cost-effective and quality labour which can build a clean design.

Design De Maison

  • Experienced working professionals and architects pack the company’s ranks
  • Provides you with the most reasonable cost. 
  • Their reputation for quality and luxurious designs precedes them.
  • Every person wants to design the house according to their way.
  • Design De Maison provides you with that flexibility where their architects design the house according to your preferences and needs
  • They have the latest software, and fine equipment which adds an extra touch to already existing quality.
  • The company has the latest technology.
  • They provide you with 3D rendering, where the design is in 3D and is easy to see and visualise the house.
  • Also helps in Providing the 3D walkthrough of the model and provides an easy idea of the design.
  • One can suggest at the very moment if they want to make any change.
  • They have different offerings. One can transform their homes and convert them into smart homes.
  • They provide modern kitchen designs and commercial building designs.
  • The timely compilation of the project is their USP. 
  • They have professionals who have deep knowledge of art and craft. they know how to match the colours of the art with the wall.
  • Also helps in setting up the the interior by setting up sofas, dining tables, chairs, and clocks. 
  • They have an experience of more than a decade in designing the homes.
  • Design de Maison provides affordability with quality in design.
  • One can visit their official website or call the customer helpline number.


If you want to design your space, there is no one better than Design De Maison.The affordable prices with experienced professionals provide you with quality work. The best interior designer in the city and has topped the charts for most favoured and trusted interior designers. Turn your dream idea into reality with the help of Design De Maison with assistance at every step. They offer world-class services and give the best possible design for your dream house. They have a customer support at +91-76965-51777. One can call the given number and ask about the services they offer.