Architect In Panchkula– Panchkula is one of the cities in the tri-city that are still developing. One of main aspects of development is the infrastructure of that area. There are a plenty of infrastructure projects in Panchkula that are under development every day. So there is a high demand for Architects in Panchkula. Let’s find out about the best Architect in Panchkula.

There are a lot of infrastructure projects in Panchkula, from Apartment buildings to Bungalows, Showrooms to hospitals and school buildings. So if you are one of the people who are looking for someone to design your dream house then Design De Maison is the right Architect in Panchkula.

Characteristics of a Good Architect

There’s a lot more than designing that architects have to do. They make your dream come true. Architects need to be able to work well with angles, lines, and numbers. They also need to be able to thing about all the creative possibilities that their customers cannot even fathom. These are the five main characteristics that every architect must have.

Killer Negotiation Skills

Architects must be sociable. An architect must have good communication skills to converse clearly with their clients. They also should be able to talk to the people they work with, like the interior designer, builders, and engineers. They must also be able to share their vision well with their clients and the engineers about their designs or in some cases convince others of their goals. With amazing negotiation and communication they can achieve their goals effectively.

Love for Learning

An architect needs to stay up to date about all the accreditations and licenses as they come out. They also need to get a license in the state they want to work in, for which they study, learn and probably take an exam. You also need to stay up to date with the latest designs and styles as they come.

Broad Knowledge

In addition to the knowledge of their profession like the knowledge of construction, sustainable building, real estate, business, and marketing, they also need to have knowledge of the other things like politics, public speaking, latest trend in the market, etc. So the profession of an architect is not limited to drawing designs but also applying their practical knowledge to work.

Nature lovers

People think architecture revolves around mathematics and science, but they also often have a deep love and respect for the nature. Frank Lloyd Wright believed that Architects should not disrupt mother nature. Instead he believed that we should follow her curves and designs and enhance the beauty of nature.


It involves a lot of work to be an architect than designing blueprints of the buildings 9 to 5 while sitting on a desk. It is an architect’s job to ensure the buildings are safe and sturdy and ensuring this requires a lot of hard work. So, the most architects must be completely dedicated to the job at hand. They should be willing to put in extra hours after the work hours and stay late at the construction sites, work from home.  They should be fine with staying at the office to perfect all the little details of their projects.

#1 in Top 10 Architects in Panchkula 2023 – 2024

Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home. An Architect helps you create your own vision into a home. If you are in confusion of choosing architects in Panchkula, don’t worry we will sort it out for you.

Design De Maison

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Design De Maison has established itself as the most trusted architecture firm in Panchkula in such a short time. What made us earn the trust and love of our customers is our attention to the details. Our architects make sure to give their best in designing your home or office. They consider all the possible ways to make your home suit your style and taste. Although one thing we can assure you about is that Design De Maison will not you and your dreams of having the perfect home down.

Why choose us?

We also understand that every client needs a home that speaks to them personally. So, our architects try to get to know your sense of style and aesthetic before they start designing for your house and office. We provide all types of construction and construction related services including hospitals, institutions, residential, and commercial buildings like IT, showrooms etc. in and around Panchkula.

You are welcome to contact us for more information regarding Architects in Panchkula. We are always happy to answer your queries and help.

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