Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers In Haryana- Amazing architectural works like Unitech Cyber Park, Salar Gunj Gate, Agroha Dham, Chor Gumbad, Lorahu fort, and others can be found in Haryana. The Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers in Haryana will be discussed. In the previous ten years, Haryana’s urban population increased by 4.42% annually. This blog is about Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers In Haryana.

Interior design is the art and science of modernizing a building’s interior to offer a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing ambiance for individuals using the space. An interior designer is a person who plans, researches, organizes, and manages such renovation projects. Interior design is a varied vocation that includes developing conceptual ideas, planning spaces, performing site inspections, programming, conducting research, dealing with project stakeholders, managing construction projects, and putting designs into practice.

Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers In Haryana

Here is the list of the Best 10 Interior Designers in Haryana. Hope you find it helpful if you are looking for an interior designer for your new house and make it like your dream home.

Design De Maison | Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers In Haryana

Without a doubt, Design De Maison is the top interior design company in Haryana. They combine interior design, project management, architects, and service consultants into a single company. founded in 2009 by Ar Ekta Phogat and co-founder Ar. Avinash Kaur, who has more than 16 years of experience in this industry. They have worked on custom homes, buildings for institutions, businesses, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Architectural Drawings, 3D rendering, 3D walkthrough, Construction Services, Estimates and BOQs, Interior Design, Interior Layouts, Working Drawings, Submission Drawings, Services Drawings, and Landscaping Designs are just a few of the services offered by Design De Maison.

Contact Us

Address– Office- #15, Opposite Dadoo Dairy, M.S. Enclave, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab
Call us– +917837232915, 8196003560
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At Archenest, they value your ability to transform your ideas into reality and work very hard to make it happen for you. They are proud of their crew, which specialises in space visualisation and interior design and décor. For all of your interior design requirements, they are here.

Address– Plot No. 204, Industrial Area Phase -2, Panchkula, Haryana.
Pin Code – 134109

ASSL Architects & Associated

ASSL Architects & Associates is among the most well-known interior designers and architectural firms in Panchkula, Tricity. Customers of ASSL Architects & Associates come from adjacent states in addition to the tricity region (Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali). The proud and content architects of ASSL Architects & Associates work hard to maintain a long list of satisfied customers.

Address– House no 3006, Sector-82 A, IT City Rd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140055


The staff at Shoonya is made up of enthusiastic, young individuals who are dedicated to your ideas. They will undoubtedly improve your physical spaces with their service. An ambitious start-up company, Shoonya loves to work with customers to create magic.

Address– Sector 2, Panchkula, Haryana, India

Architect Suri

Their main objective is to offer their clients great building solutions that are both valuable and based on the most cutting-edge architectural construction methods and simple designs. Our designs reflect their persona in the architectural style based on their one-on-one encounters with their clientele. Groundbreaking solutions have been created as a result of the interaction between their technical expertise and the needs and wishes of the client.

Address-near Bal Niketan, Sector 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134112


Homeworks has been in the market for 16 years and is the expert on “the finer things,” offering complete design and decoration solutions while paying special attention to every little thing. Their goal is to design exciting spaces that are thoughtfully chosen, beautifully made, and considerate of the needs of their clients’ lifestyles. They handle every aspect of your project to turn your homes and businesses into “effective environments for the variety of human activities.”

Address— SCO – 77, Swastic Vihar, MDC, Sector – 5 , Panchkula -134114 – India


At 11ArchStudio, we strive to provide the best service to every one of our clients. They enjoy nothing more than finishing tasks on time and with imaginative ideas. They work hard to get the best value for the money. The goal of 11ArchStudio, a team of knowledgeable experts, is to give each of its clients a wonderful experience.

Address– 1027/11, Panchkula,Haryana-134112, INDIA.

Architects Consortium

The entire interior design package is offered by Architects Consortium. Beginning with the project brief and ending with project completion, site selection, pre-purchase feasibility, preliminary design, developed design, and detailed design, as well as contract documents and contract administration. They consider the following factors when providing interior design services: room size, lighting, flooring, ceiling, furniture, and more. They employ a devoted and knowledgeable staff of engineers. As a result, the designing and implementation processes are best coordinated.

Address– SCO-42, Level-2, Phase- 3B2, Mohali, (Pb)-160059, India.

Sa Fairs

At Sa Fairs, you get more than just interior designs; you get an unforgettable experience. You will never forget the pleasure of seeing your ideal home come to life, learning about the special role that color and symmetry play, and seeing how distinctive indoor and outdoor spaces as well as infrastructure are built from the bottom up.

Address- B-No. 712, NAC Shivalic Enclave Manimajra near FR, Chandigarh

Amusing Interior

Amusing Interior is thorough in all of its operations and offers unique interior design ideas for residences and businesses. The interior design services they provide reflect the affluent tastes of their clientele, whether for residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. This Noida-based company was founded by Rohit Kumar, an interior designer well known for his original thinking and creative design concepts.

Address– 106, First floor, A -21, Sector 67, Noida – 201301


These are some of the best interior designers in Haryana, based on our research and understanding. Visit their websites to learn more about their offerings and services. Choose the company that most closely matches your needs. Hopefully, this was useful. Wishing you the best as you make your house the spot you’ve always desired!

Frequently Asked Questions about Top 10 Commercial Interior Designers In Haryana
What services do top commercial interior designers offer?

Top commercial interior designers offer a range of services to transform and enhance commercial spaces. They provide expertise in space planning, interior design concepts, material selection, furniture and fixture sourcing, lighting design, color schemes, and overall aesthetic coordination. They also work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, budget constraints, and branding requirements, ensuring that the design aligns with the company’s vision and goals.

How do top commercial interior designers approach the design process?

Top commercial interior designers follow a systematic design process to create functional and visually appealing spaces. They typically begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the space, taking into consideration its purpose, target audience, and desired atmosphere. They then develop design concepts, present them to the client for feedback and approval, and proceed with detailed planning, including selecting materials, finishes, and furnishings. Throughout the process, they collaborate with architects, contractors, and other professionals to ensure seamless execution and timely completion of the project.

What distinguishes top commercial interior designers from others?

Top commercial interior designers stand out due to their extensive experience, exceptional creativity, and proven track record of successful projects. They possess a deep understanding of commercial design principles, including factors such as traffic flow, ergonomics, functionality, and branding. Moreover, they stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and sustainable practices in the industry. Their ability to translate a client’s vision into a unique and impactful design sets them apart, along with their strong project management skills and attention to detail.

How do top commercial interior designers collaborate with clients?

Top commercial interior designers emphasize a collaborative approach when working with clients. They prioritize understanding the client’s objectives, brand identity, and target market. They conduct thorough consultations, ask relevant questions, and listen actively to the client’s preferences and requirements. By maintaining open lines of communication, they ensure that the client’s vision is accurately translated into the design. Regular meetings, presentations, and feedback sessions are integral parts of their collaborative process, fostering a strong partnership with the client throughout the project.

What factors should businesses consider when hiring a top commercial interior designer?

When hiring a top commercial interior designer, businesses should consider several factors. First and foremost, they should review the designer’s portfolio and assess their previous work to determine if their style aligns with the company’s vision. Additionally, it is crucial to evaluate the designer’s experience, credentials, and reputation in the industry. Strong communication skills, project management abilities, and a demonstrated ability to work within budget and timelines are also important considerations. Finally, businesses should seek references and client testimonials to gain insights into the designer’s professionalism, reliability, and overall satisfaction of past clients.

  • Reputation and client reviews: Look for testimonials or reviews from previous clients to gauge their reputation and the satisfaction level of their clients.
  • Compatibility and communication: It’s essential to find a designer who understands your vision and can effectively communicate with you throughout the project.
  • Budget and timeline: Discuss your budget and project timeline upfront to ensure the designer can accommodate your requirements.
  • Credentials and certifications: Check if the designer holds any relevant certifications or memberships in professional interior design organizations.