Interior Design Ideas For Kothi – A Kothi is a big house that has its own garden or outer space. It’s different from flats in a society where there are many floors one above another, each floor dedicated as a house. You can think of a kothi as a big mansion that has all the facilities. Kothi is a term mainly used in Punjab or some other parts of north india. In this article, we will look at different interior design ideas for a kothi. You can choose from them and can use them for your house too.

It mainly has a design where there is a boundary that covers the main house in the middle and has an entry gate. The front part of the space mainly dedicates itself to the garden and swimming pool, with the main structure of the house situated behind it.. One part of the space is dedicated to parking facilities.

Traditional Kothi Vs Modern Kothi 

Nothing is permanent and everything changes with time. Old ideas do not work in modern generations. It’s not that old ideas are not good enough, but they just don’t relate to the present generation.

Although the old design has its cultural significance, history, and, calm and soothing design. The new generation wants ideas that look new and aesthetic. Modern kothi designs are very different from the old ones. The design, material used and garden designs are all different. You can choose the best design if you are planning to change your interiors.

People mainly made the old kothi designs out of wood, creating a simple yet beautiful design. The sand used was also different from the new one.People used steel less, focusing instead on materials like wood, stone, glass. It’s different in new houses as more steel, metal and different quality of cement is used. New houses have more marble and tiles with new and aesthetically appealing designs.

The colors used in old houses were light and basic.Nowadays, people also use bold colors to provide their houses with aesthetic appeal and make them look beautiful from the outside.

The new designs are very different from the old ones and they look very good and luxurious at the same time.

The different interior design ideas for Kothi

There are many ideas to choose from when it comes to designing the interiors of your house. You can choose the best-looking design for yourself which can also match your imagination.

  • You can go for a design with an open kitsch with living space just adjacent to it. This will bring an openness to the design. Most of the time we host our friends for dinners. This type of design is good as the main time is spent in the living room.
  • The modern design looks sharp and has clear lines along the way. The material used looks sharp and elegant. the furniture and other household items are placed in their separate space. It makes it easy to work and also less time-consuming.
  • You can also talk to the interior designers about your way of putting things and also tell them about your imagination. They have the expertise to make your design turn into reality.

Choosing the right furniture and equipment for the house

To make your kothi look both beautiful and luxurious you have to select the furniture that adds to the design. Consult an experienced professional about the furniture and other important house interiors. Buy the furniture that matches the space of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom in such a way that it looks just perfect and also does not cover the full space.

Make sure the house does not look overly filled with furniture. It should have a balance of free space and the furniture.

You should place the furniture you choose in such a way that everyone can use it effectively.. Talk to your interior designer and tell them how you want the furniture to be placed in the house. They will design a proper space for the furniture and will leave a proper space at the same time.


Lighting is the main part of the house. You want both natural light and at the same time artificial lights. Select the best light for your kothi which looks elegant and makes the space look bright and fresh. Talk to your designers and then tell them about the design you want so that maximum natural light can come inside the house.

Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designers have the skill and experience to create the best design for the house. 

You will save time and money. The interior designer will provide you with the exact measurement and you don’t have to buy any extra things. They work on deadlines and are very efficient. It saves you a lot of time. They have the expertise to work and adjust according to the situation. They have years of experience and can provide you with many different designs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – what do you mean by Kothi?

A – Kothi is just like a big mansion that has a garden or swimming pool. It’s big and space is open for many different activities.

Q – How much will an interior designer charge?

A – it depends on the size of the project. The design de maison team provides you with the best quality at very reasonable and affordable rates.

Q – which are the topmost interior designers in Chandigarh?

A – Design De Maison is the most trusted interior designing company in Trycity.