Top Architects In Haryana– Haryana is a fast developing city in India. Development is directly liked with the infrastructure of the state. So, there is a high demand for the Architects in Haryana. Hence, if you are looking for them, then lets talk about the Top Architects In Haryana.

More goes into architecture than just a few sketches, in fact! There are many more architectural services available than just paperwork. A good architect will provide you with all of the architectural services you require for any phase of your construction project. While keeping a tight eye on your budget, they’ll offer value to the development process, creativity and design flare, project management, and piece of mind that your strategy is on track.

1.) Design De Maison – One of the Top Architects In Haryana

Found in the year 2019 by Ar. Ekta Phogat and Ar. Avinash Kaur, Design De Maison is one of the most well-known and trusted firm that brings architects, interior designers, project supervisors, and service consultants. They have experience of over 16 years in the field of designing custom homes, commercial, institutional, and hospital buildings.

Even though it is easy find a lot of architects who can design beautiful houses and offices for you, Design De Maison specializes in providing your home the personalized touch that is very important to every person. We aim at making you feel homely and in touch with your home. Our company’s architects make sure that they connect with the clients and understand their sense of style and personality before planning the designs and the layout.

In and around Tri-city, we offer all kinds of construction services for hospitals, residences, institutions, and commercial buildings like IT, stores, showrooms, etc. We also offer additional building-related services like architectural drawings, estimates and BOQs, interior layouts, 3D walkthroughs, landscape drawings, service drawings, and services drawings.

Contact Us At-

Address– Office- #15, Opposite Dadoo Dairy, M.S. Enclave, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab

Call us at– +917837232915, 8196003560


2.) Architect Suri and Associates

In 2009, Ar. Bhupinder Suri and Ar. Himanshu Suri founded Architect Suri and Associates, a renowned architecture and design consultancy firm.

In order to design structures that are both visually pleasing and environmentally appropriate, Architect Suri and Associates was established. With our complete Design Consultancy services in architecture and planning, interior design, restoration, urban design, town planning, and building engineering, we love working in a variety of industries.

The practice of the firm is guided by a strong foundation of design excellence, program and budget control, and the pursuit of the best value in architectural quality. Our company’s founder and principal architect, Ar. Bhupinder Suri, has worked on projects on an international scale for more than 40 years while holding several government appointments.


11Archstudio believe that our body is the vessel that holds life, therefore architecture is the vessel that holds space that hold life. They are contributing to the architecture that is an extension of Nature, where buildings are our nurturers, they inspire us, and inspire our well-being.


AR. Mohit Gujjar is the head behind the working of Aayam, well known in the tri-city. His team is famous for creating practical spaces for maximum usability. They have worked on all types of projects including residential, commercial spaces and interior designing of all types.


Arc.d Architects would like to introduce themselves as consulting architects, approved valuers, interior designers, planners, landscape architects, and contractors with sufficient experience in planning, designing, developing, and building institutions, homes, offices, industries, and housing, among other things.

They are a team of responsible architects working with unconventional and dynamic design concepts. We used a methodical, analytical, and scientific approach to address the issues in an absolute sense. Function, viability, working effectiveness, economy, flexibility, and beauty are all woven into the fabric of their design.


On January 1st, 2016, STUDIO 8D was established with the goal of offering a multidimensional approach to the building and design sector that would gradually incorporate other components. Our strategy for ensuring client satisfaction is built on ongoing communication and project monitoring to secure the best results.


These are some of the best Architects in Haryana. If you are looking forward to getting your residential or commercial building built, you can contact any of these. You can also check out their websites for more information. Hope this was helpful for you. All the best for getting the home or office of your dreams!