Top 10 Architects In India – India has a rich architectural heritage, with ancient temples, forts, palaces, and other structures that have withstood the test of time. In the modern era, there have been several architects who have left their mark on the Indian landscape with their innovative and cutting-edge designs. Keep reading to know about the Top 10 Architects In India.

What to look for in an architect before hiring them for a personal project.

A good architect must have a strong design sense, technical expertise, good communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively with clients and other professionals, and a deep understanding of the social, cultural, and environmental context in which they are working.

  • The architects can match their work with your idea and grasp it with ease. They can quickly understand your needs and adjust their job accordingly.
  • Architects are experts with extensive training and experience. They are imaginative and have no trouble designing the area in a far more imaginative manner.
  • A skilled architect will never make mistakes in design. Their greatest benefit is this. Architects approach all of their work with the highest attention to safety and precision. There is no margin for error with this.
  • It is economical. Precise dimensions in the designs enable you to purchase the necessary quantity of raw materials, preventing the purchase of excess raw materials.
  • It raises the worth of your house as well. A well-planned home is desired by everyone and will have much greater value than a non-designed one.

What are the benefits of hiring an architect?

  • When you hire an architect, make sure that they are experienced for the work they are doing. 
  • Always look at their portfolio and what work they have done in recent times.
  • Hire an architect who is effective and knows how to make changes and work according to the imagination of the customer.
  • While hiring an architect always hire the one who is best in quality and also provides reasonable rates.
  • The design should be durable. The architect should provide the different designs to choose from.

Top 10 Architects in India 2023- 2024

Here are the top 10 architects in India, in no particular order:

Design De Maison

DDM is one of the Top Architect Companies in India. With a team of the most educated and skilful Architects, we have grown all over the country in a very short time. Design De Maison provides the best services all over India. Our professionals pay special attention to details and keep your choices in choice to give you the best Architect designs.

B.V. Doshi

BalkrishnaVithaldasDoshi is a renowned architect who is known for his minimalist and sustainable designs. He was a disciple of Le Corbusier and worked with him on several projects in India. Some of his notable works include the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, the Tagore Memorial Hall in Ahmedabad, and the Aranya Low Cost Housing project.

Charles Correa

Charles Correa was a visionary architect who believed in creating designs that were not only functional but also responsive to the local environment and culture. His designs included the Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, the British Council Building in Delhi, and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Ahmedabad.

Hafeez Contractor

Hafeez Contractor is a prolific architect who has designed over 600 buildings in India. His designs are known for their sleek and modern look. He has worked on projects ranging from luxury hotels and high-rise apartments to office complexes and hospitals.

Laurie Baker

Laurie Baker was a British-born architect who spent most of his life in India. He was known for his use of sustainable materials and his focus on creating affordable housing for the masses. Some of his notable works include the Indian Coffee House in Thiruvananthapuram and the Hamlet at Kovalam.

Brinda Somaya

Brinda Somaya is an architect who has made significant contributions to the field of conservation and heritage architecture. She has worked on several restoration projects, including the Gateway of India and the Crawford Market in Mumbai. Her other notable works include the Nalanda International School in Vadodara and the Goa Institute of Management.

Sanjay Puri

Sanjay Puri is an architect known for his contemporary designs that incorporate elements of Indian culture and tradition. His works include the Skyline Apartment Building in Mumbai, the Holiday Inn in Jaipur, and the Reservoir in Goa.

Christopher Benninger

Christopher Benninger is an American architect who has made India his home for over 30 years. His designs are known for their sensitivity to the local context and his focus on sustainability. Some of his notable works include the Suzlon One Earth Campus in Pune and the National Institute of Bank Management in Pune.

Anupama Kundoo

 Anupama Kundoo is an architect who is known for her focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly designs. She has worked on several projects that use local materials and techniques, including the Wall House in Auroville and the Gumpha House in Puri.

Rahul Mehrotra

Rahul Mehrotra is an architect known for his innovative and sustainable designs that incorporate elements of Indian tradition and culture. His notable works include the KMC Corporate Headquarters in Mumbai, the Mahindra United World College in Pune, and the restoration of the Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata.


These 10 architects have all left their mark on the Indian architectural landscape with their unique and innovative designs. They continue to inspire and influence the next generation of architects in India and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top 10 Architects In India
Q: What is the role of an architect?

A: The role of an architect is to design buildings and other structures that are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Architects work with clients to determine their needs and design buildings that meet those needs while taking into account factors such as site location, environmental impact, and cost.

Q: What are some of the challenges faced by architects in India?

A: Some of the challenges faced by architects in India include the need to design buildings that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, the shortage of skilled labor, and the lack of standardization in building materials and construction techniques. There is consequently also a need to balance the demand for modern, cutting-edge designs with the preservation of India’s rich architectural heritage.

Q: How can one become an architect in India?

A: To become an architect in India, one must complete a five-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree from a recognized institute, followed by an internship and registration with the Council of Architecture. The eligibility criteria and admission process for B.Arch. programs vary by institution.